Looks really good I think. i only have a few little complaints, but i’ll get over all of them.

- Tidus looks a bit off, but really its mostly in the close-up picture

- Yuna’s earring is weird (HOWEVER HER NECKLACE IS MUCH BETTER!)

- Wakka looks much younger to me.

This remaster has made me immensely happy, I don’ even think I should even bother complaining XD

22/3/13 | 10:38am | 19 notes
#final fantasy X HD #screenshots #Tidus #Yuna #Rikku #Wakka #Lulu #Auron #kimahri #Final Fantasy X

19 notes
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    The only thing that bugs me is that Seymour looks amazing. Why is that a bad thing?BECAUSE HE CREEPS ME THE HELL OUT!
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